Lana Del Rey is a cool chick. She has a deep, seductive voice that adds to her sexiness and style. She was on the cover of the March 2012 British Vogue, and talked about her style.

She has described her unique look - auburn hair in Veronica Lake waves, full lips and permanently artistic talons - as “Gangster Nancy Sinatra” and “Lolita got lost in the hood”.

On top of a great voice and edgy attitude, she puts together videos that push the edge. This is one of my favorites that she has done. The opening scene with the faded American flag and tattoos is such a striking scene, and calls to mind the Americana genre with a grunge-punk twist. All of her outfits in the video are great too. She’s rocking her signature flower headpiece at times, this one is a striking blue. It looks beautiful with her white dress, and dark red lips. The second outfit she has on is perfect for any summer concert or festival. Cut-off, high waist denim shorts, red high-top converse, and a white leather fringe jacket. She’s rocking a lacy bra underneath, but I suggest a little more coverage if you’re going out in public. A black concert tee or crop top would be perfect.


Looking for some tips and outfit ideas for festival season? This article is really good at laying out the essentials and compiling a lot of good facts about getting ready to go to a summer festival. These outfits above that they showcase in the article are really great festival outfits. I love the one to the far left. She looks awesome in tight black embellished shorts and a bad skull tee. Paired with cool shades, a cross-shoulder bag and boots, it’s a great outfit that looks cool and comfortable. The middle awesome is also great. Super comfy looking, this outfit would be great for a really hot festival - like Bonnaroo - where you want to be as comfortable as possible in the heat. Loose fitting, ripped shorts are a go to for festivals. You can pair them with literally any shirt you bring and you can wear them all day without complaint. The fanny pack is another essential. Might seem nerdy, but there’s nothing wrong with letting your inner nerd shine. And there’s actually nothing cooler than not having to worry about carrying and keeping up with a bug bag. Fanny packs free up your hands so you can use them for other, more important things. There’s also lots of bedazzled and funky fanny packs out there. Check out the vendors at the festival, you will most likely find a booth full of them. Get one, great investment. The girl on the left has a great hat. Big sun hats are really great for festivals. They keep the sun off your face, help keep you cool, and keep you from having to worry about your hair. Overall, worry more about comfort than beauty, but there’s a way to combine both, as these girls show here.



Rachel Lynch & Bliss Katherine


So glad I came across this picture. I love both of these outfits, and they both bring such a different individual vibe. The girl on the right has a very "Lana Del Rey" feel. The big flower headpiece is probably what calls Lana to mind, as she wears these often. This one is really beautful, the flowers are big and the color of the flowers looks stricking with her hair. Flower headpieces are great to add to a simple outfit to jazz it up for a summer festival or concert. Her baggy sweater is also perfect for summer. Every girl should have an oversized comfy-grungy sweater. Its great during winter, obviously, but these are perfect for summer too. Throw it over a bathing suit, with a pair of shorts and flip flops, or with a pair of chunky boots, for three different looks for summer time. Wildfox has awesome oversized sweaters.

The girl on the left has a totally different style but it is great. I wear all black a lot and am a huge advocate of black, you can’t have enough. Tight black leggings, black boots and a black tank. Perfect outfit for a casual stroll around town, or for a night out at a concert. Her sunglasses and styling are great too. Big round sunglasses are in style this summer and look cool with this type of outfit. Her dark lips and ombre hair are the perfect touch to pull it all together. Add in the camera accessory, and she looks like the cool artsy chick with awesome style that I want to hang out with.

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UNIF Clothing is one of my favorite clothing brands because they always have clothes that are edgy, funny, and look bad (in really a good way). The summer collection that they just released is called "Wet Hot American Bummer," a play on the title of the 2001 film “Wet Hot American Summer:” 

The setting is Camp Firewood, the year 1981. It’s the last day before everyone goes back to the real world, but there’s still a summer’s worth of unfinished business to resolve. At the center of the action is camp director Beth, who struggles to keep order while she falls in love with the local astrophysics professor. He is busy trying to save the camp from a deadly piece of NASA’s Skylab which is hurtling toward earth. All that, plus: a dangerous waterfall rescue, love triangles, misfits, cool kids, and talking vegetable cans.

This plot summary is essentially what UNIF’s summer collection is all about, a sense of mixing nerdy with cool, while being sexy, falling in love, and finding yourself. These are great intentions for summer and I love that they are being combined in one collection. You can mix and match the pieces to get any one of these combinations, or let them stand alone to pick one theme and roll with it. For example, the Varsix Sweater  is a great way to combine nerdy with cool, with it’s throwback varsity look that’s torn and ripped. The Stray Dress in white  is a perfect example of a stand alone piece that encompasses one theme: flirty and fun.


Nothing says festival season like Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Every year when this two-weekend festival rolls around, you know that festival season has officially begun. You also know where to look to get some new fun ideas for summer concert fashion. There are always trendsetters in the crowd with looks that push the edge. 

Jimmy Kimmel took an interest in Coachella this year too, but not for the fashion inspiration. He did one of his “Lie Witness News” segments on a few unsuspecting festival-goers, asking them about bands that didn’t exist. It’s hilariously awkward and makes you realize you should think about lying to seem more cool - especially on live TV.

That being said, there are some cute fashion statements going on right here in this video. These girls are rocking flower headbands that are loose fitting and fun. They have a “hippie” vibe to them that calls to mind the 60’s the right way. It’s that little bit of vintage inspiration in looks that make them stand out. The girl in the blue tank also has it going on. She is rocking several summer statement pieces  like that tight little crop top, several long necklaces, and loose curls. Another thing she is doing right is that blue dye in her hair. Stores like Urban Outfitters sell hair chalk that you can put on your hair and instantly transform into fun festival look. And it isn’t permanent. So you can have blue hair that rocks for a night, definitely a good way to make an outfit more edgy.

But, despite how fun and festival appropriate these outfits may be, nothing ruins “looking cool” like being caught red-handed in a lie. So remember to play it cool at all the concerts you go to this year and don’t claim to know stuff about bands that you really don’t!


Snowball Music Festival kicked off the festival season in Winter Park, CO last month. I had the privilege to attend during my spring break. Aside from being nestled in the valley of the beautiful snow-capped Rocky Mountains, the festival held other attractions for me. Two of my favorite bands were playing, POLICA and Tennis. Alaina Moore of the Tennis played in the small tent Saturday evening, creating an intimate setting that really captured her voice and showed her off great style. In a 2012 interview with The Daily Californian, Moore talks about her style, both musically and with clothing.

We love vintage sensibility with music and visually with clothing and style and everything, but we never want to be so throwback that we’re just duplicating something that’s already been done, because we won’t be contributing to anything. We’ll just be making poor revisions of things that already exist. So we hope that it still sounds original.

Her vintage inspiration was apparent when I saw her up close and personal at Snowball. It isn’t easy to look trendy and hot in 20 degree weather, but Moore pulled it off. She smoothed out her usually tight curly locks for nice, groomed loose waves. This hairstlye really calls to mind a vintage style that works well with the big fur coat. To complement the bulkiness of the coat, she paired it with skinny, shiny black patent leggings and booties, a perfect winter outfit with just enough vintage inspiration to still be unique and rocker. She looked awesome, especially silouted by the warm aura of the lights, and she sounded great. Definitely an experience worth braving the cold for.


With festival season fast approaching  it is time to start thinking about planning those perfect festy outfits. How to look cool when it is unbearably hot? Well, no better way than to take tips from a performing musician with killer style. This interview with Victoria Legrand of Beach House is pre-coachella 2010. They touch on all aspects of her style, which is so iconic and unique. Being on the road, touring, and especially playing festivals which are hot and gritty - to say the least - can be “outfit taxing.” But she always looks fresh and cool

For me, it’s really day to day. I don’t really plan ahead and I like to be excited about what I’m wearing. Being on the road all the time, it’s various articles of clothing that keep me inspired and feeling good. A fun or beautiful thing to wear can change your day. I think spontaneity and not adhering to any narrow styles keep me happy.

Uniqueness is important both in style and in music, and Victoria Legrand really nails them both. That is why she is one of my favorite artists and style icons these days. I definitely plan on catching a few of her festival appearances this summer at Bonnaroo and Governers Ball, listening to that ethereal voice and picking up a few awesome festy style tips in the process.



“Chasee Gardee”, L’Officiel France, 1983
Photographer : Claud Wickrath 

Cheetah print can be fierce (no pun intended). This girl is a great example. She pulls it off in a high fashion, editorial way. But this was the 80’s. Two easy ways to make this print look fresh and cool is by wearing a cheetah button down shirt with black denim short-shorts and combat boots, or pairing a pair of chunky cheetah heels with tight leggings (leather and faux-leather are a go to), and an oversized sweater or concert tee.

Also, take a note out of this model’s book on styling. Love how she paired leather and cheetah together. That always has a hard-edge look. Also, her makeup is great. Smoky eyes and a dark lip are a way to make cheetah dark and sultry.

Source: 80s-90s-supermodels
Photo Set

Follow my friend Maggie on Instagram and Facebook! She makes all of her own killer jewlelry that makes a perfect addition to any outfit. I own about 50 of her bracelets and necklaces and I pair them together in different ways, giving me an endless possibility of ways to wear them to spice up an outfit. Big rocks and bold designs, this jewelry is a great way to pump up any wardrobe.


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